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Australian Padel Federation Rankings

Official Australian Padel Rankings - as at Feb. 10th, 2016

1. Matt Thomas and Matt Barrelle
2. Matt Bishton and Alex Arrabal
3. Blade Fong and Emeric Navarro
4. Tim Hill and Ed Elias
5. Ivan Fernandez and Sam Bradshaw 
6. David Cohan and Anthony Rosenthal
7. Pere Valdivieso and Xavi Seco
8. Simon Micarone and Natalie Archer
9. Fran Lopez and Fernando Orive
10. Adrian Guillamon and Sergio Gonzalez
11. Xabier Ugarte and Pedro Gomes
12. James Edwards and Allen Didovich
13. Miguel Iglesias and Raymond Van Der Zalm 
14. Silvia Campilo and Daniel Castro
15. Jose Chorda and Ana Alonso

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